Blogging beyond mental health

Hello and welcome!

You might wonder why I am starting a new blog. I already have a blog with plenty of posts and some treasured followers elsewhere (For now I am not posting the link here publicly, but do comment if you want the address). That blog started as my personal diary, and then turned into a mental health diary kind of thing. I had this daydream about becoming a mental health advocate. Maybe that will happen some day.

While I love my other blog, I have kept it fairly strictly limited to mental health related themes. I feel like I don’t want to bore those people who subscribed thinking that what they would get.

HOWEVER, my life isn’t just about mental health. I am more than my depression and PTSD. I am more than my self-harm scars. I do other things than going to therapy. I care about other things. I love and get excited about other things. They are not entirely unrelated, because –

They keep me healthy.

And just as I try very hard to keep space for them in my life, I would love a space to blog about them.

What are these precious things, you might wonder by now.

Photography. Sewing and Dressmaking. Writing Fiction. Baking. Cooking. Painting. Beauty.


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