My non-cult Mac lipsticks: Natural nudes and reds


(from left to right: Hug me, Modesty, Touch, Stay in touch, Polished up)

I bought most of my Mac lipsticks long before I discovered the online beauty community, so these are just shades I picked out without reading any reviews.

As a result they are a collection of lipsticks that I never hear about. Alas, I don’t own any of the cult favourites – no Ruby Whoo, no Creme Cup, no Girl about Town and what they all are.

It wasn’t until my friend Hei Won swatched them all next to each other on her arm that I realized that I seem to have a very specific taste in lipstick colours. They all come from the same family of brown-based colours  – absolutely no bright pinks! Or even pale pinks, for that matter.

Maybe this means I have a really granny taste in lipsticks – these lipsticks certainly don’t scream young and fresh. But I like them. I think they look somewhat grown up and sophisticated, and most of them work for during the day.

I’ve included full-face pictures of me wearing the lipsticks, not because I love my facet that much but because I think it is helpful to see lipstick in the “context” of a face. Please tell me your thoughts on this!

As you can tell, I am big fan of the Lustre finish, which is the glossiest one. It doesn’t have the greatest staying power, but feels very moisturizing. You can apply these lipsticks to look sheer or build up the colour. The creme sheen lipsticks are more opaque and less glossy, but stay on longer.

Hug me (Lustre)



I wear this the most out of all of them. It’s the perfect my-lips-but-better colour for my lips.

Touch (Lustre)



This is a very brown-based nude-ish colour. I think it looks really nice with warm skin tones and a bit of a tan. This also happens to be my first ever Mac lipstick, recommended to me by my beautiful friend Lila.

Modesty (Creme sheen)



This one has the most pink in it out of the bunch, but is still miles away from a bright or a baby pink. Another very wearable day-time shade.

Stay in touch (Creme sheen)



This is an orangey brown shade. It looks brighter in the close up than in real life.  Goes very with brown/bronze/autumny clothes I think.

Polished up (Lustre)


IMG_9801Seriously wonky application – I was in a hurry to catch the last of the daylight. This is a much darker brownish-red – I tend to wear this more during the evening than during the day.

What are your favourite natural lipsticks? Any good drugstore alternatives?



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6 responses to “My non-cult Mac lipsticks: Natural nudes and reds

  1. They look great and very natural on you. I have yet to find lipstick that doesn’t make me look like a clown. I am sticking to lip balm or tinted lip gloss for now…

  2. I find it immensely helpful to see lipsticks photos with the whole the face, not just lips (ok, I struggled to phrase this right, hopefully it makes sense).

    I’m drawn to all the same shades. I don’t know why, but bright pinks scare me more than deep reds. Maybe it’s the whole “cheap Barbie look” stereotype, I don’t know.

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  4. anonymousmallu

    I love all these colors. I have the same taste in lipstick shades as you. I dont own any mac lipstick as I have enough Drugstore lipsticks that can satisfy my needs for now. I love Revlon Mink for a great nude for me. Not sure if this is a dupe for any MAC lipsticks.

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