My Favourite Things: February 2012

Raindrop on roses, and whiskers on kittens,

Lip balm and lip stains, and hair care by Redken!

… or in other words, here are my favourites for February 2012.

IMG_01691. Makeup Favourite: Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stains in “Romantic” and “Crush”


from left to right: 1) “Romantic” 2) “Crush” 3) “Romantic” and “Crush” mixed together

These are arguably nothing new, but I just have been loving blending these two colours together. You can see them on my lips in this Look of the Day.

2. Nailpolish Favourite: Save the Nail Ridge filler base coat and 45 seconds top coat

  1. IMG_0173

    Save the Nail base coat and top coat

    I have been using these whenever I applied nail polish, as well as the base coat on its own sometimes. I got them in Boots while they were 1/3 off. These are made by Nails inc.!

3. Other Beauty Favourites: Korres lip butter in “Quince”


This gives your lips a slight pink sheen and feels very silky on your lips! A bit like actual butter in that it feels quite “slippery”, so might not be for everyone. Doesn’t last that long, and you have to dip your finger into it everytime – however, I don’t mind reapplying this several times a day! However, if you want something properly moisturizing that will make a real difference to the condition of your lips…

  • Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm: This is my favourite lipbalm by far. I apply this in the morning and in the evening and I feel like I have moisturized lips all day long. I used to have horribly dry lips in the winter, but this really made a difference from the moment I started using it. Has a citrus smell that I don’t mind. The texture is quite dense, so it feels like it sticks to your lips well, much better than the Korres lip butter.

4. Haircare Favourite: Redken Real Control conditioner

My hair dresser used to use this on me. It is silicon free but nonetheless leaves my very thick and dry hair somewhat smooth. I can get away with straightening it! Full Hair care routine coming up soon…

5. Food Favourite: Curiously cinnamon cereal. I love this as much now as I used to as a child. Crops up on sale for £1.50 at Tesco every now and then. Makes the milk sweet and cinnamony.

6. Random Favourite: Dance workout DVDs

I think I will write a more in-depth review on these soon. I got these at our local HMV blue cross sale in order to do a bit more exercise at home rather than going to expensive dance classes. They are a lot of fun! Out of the three, the Urban Workout is the most serious cardio-style work out, the Pussycat Dolls 2 is the most ridiculous one, more about sexy moves than a proper workout, and the Pineapple Dance studio one teaches you the most interesting dance routines.



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2 responses to “My Favourite Things: February 2012

  1. Ooh, wow, I’d never thought about blending the Lip Stains together – that swatch looks like they’d be the colour I’ve been looking for all my life! Now I have no excuse not to get Crush 🙂
    I really want to try the Korres lip butter too, everyone’s been raving about them on all the blogs…

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