Fashion: Kate Middleton’s LK Bennett court shoes – Dupe alert!

I have been looking for shoes similar to Kate Middleton’s signature Sledge court shoes from LK Bennett. I love the look of those – ultra sophisticated, classic yet high heeled enough to make quite a statement – and they probably go with most outfits. However, at £195 they are way outside my budget.



I spotted some patent leather courts in M&S, but they were too tight and really hurt my toes. They are currently on sale for £39.60.

mand s

Finally I found these beauties in New Look. They are part of their wide fit range, so pretty comfortable and don’t squeeze my toes. The colour is arguable more pink toned than the LK Bennett original, but at £19.99, that is fine with me.

new look

Has anyone spotted any other good dupes for this style?




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3 responses to “Fashion: Kate Middleton’s LK Bennett court shoes – Dupe alert!

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  2. Andrea

    Yes, I got mine from M&S £19.50 from their Limited range.

  3. lara

    I got mine for £14. EXACT dupe. When I mean exact i mean exactly the same. I got them at Asda. I have seen the LK bennett ones, which were on sale for £70 pounds only! Never the less the ones I got from Asda like I mentioned are an exact dupe for a much more friendly price! 🙂

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