Dressmaking: Sketching on an Ipad

I recently got an iPad mini for work. Among many things, I’ve found that it can be a useful sketch book. I do like sketching on my real sketch book, but it is too big and heavy to carry around all the time. The ipad mini however is pretty small and light.

Without further ado, the app that I have been using is Paper by 53. It allows you to create several notebooks to draw or write in free hand. The app itself is free and comes with a fountain pen tool, but I’ve also bought the ‘draw’ update for £1.49 to sketch with a pencil tool.

The project I am currently thinking about is a ball gown for a college ball in May. I went to the Valentino exhibition in London and the dress that stood out to me most was Julia Roberts Oscars dress. Yes, my taste is fairly old fashioned. I just love the back! So I have done some preliminary sketching and thinking about how one might construct a similar dress.



fashion sketch mannequin

On the paper app you can duplicate pages, so I’ve drawn a rough mannequin that I just copy for each sketch.


You can also make handwritten notes. I tend to make a rough plan of the pattern pieces and how to put them together, but only once I’ve finalised the design of the garment.

For the bodice I came up with these two different versions.




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