Beauty review: Accessorize Lovely Day eyeshadow palette

IMG_0468 IMG_0467

32 eyeshadows for £8.95 – this palette is definitely a good deal! This is sold at Superdrug in the UK. I bought this mainly for my beauty shoot with Stefanie, to be able to go crazy with vibrant colours :).

IMG_0730 IMG_0732

The quality of the eye-shadows is average and totally fine for the price – pretty well pigmented, not overly powdery. The shimmery colours are slightly creamier than the matte colours. However, I am very pleased that this palette includes matte colours in the first place, to compliment those in the Naked palette.

I used the shimmery dark blue colour and the turquoise green colour on Stefanie (Along with the golden “half baked” from the Naked palette):


Has anyone tried any more Accessorize products? Since falling in love with their taupe nude nail polish (mentioned in this post/video), I am tempted to try some more.



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4 responses to “Beauty review: Accessorize Lovely Day eyeshadow palette

  1. Nice! There are some good eyeshadows out there that don’t break the bank. I mean, there is something to be said for the pricier brands in terms of ingredients and possibly longevity, but we don’t always have to break the bank to find good products. 🙂

  2. Beautiful work, you have done the palette great justice!

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