Dressmaking: silk blouse with bow collar, part 1


A while ago I bought this beautiful silk fabric during the sale at John Lewis on Oxford Street. I bought just one metre for £9.50. This pretty piece has been lying in my pile of unused fabrics for too long – I’ve finally planned a project.

I would like the finished garment to look something along the lines of this. This one is by Kate Spade, sold at Neiman Markus.


I first make a rough plan of how I am going to construct the garment, to give me a rough idea of what the pattern will look like. I also need a visual plan of where the seams will go, or I will mess it up later. For this I used the Paper by 53 app on my ipad.





Next I will make the pattern using cheap muslin fabric and my homemade dress form. Only once the fit is perfect do I cut the pieces in my actual fabric. Then the actual sewing starts. Stay tuned :)!


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