I need your help with this Makeup look…

Last week I promised to post a makeup tutorial for Marion Cotillard’s Vogue cover look.

You may be wondering what happened to that. Err …


I can’t get it right. I’ve tried, and I am not happy with the result. However, I have figured out the following:

  • There is a bronze base all over the lid
  • The darker colour around the lash lines is neither straight black, dark brown, nor dark blue, but something in between
  • If you blend the colours too much, you just end up with a generic brown smokey eye
  • This looks to me like some creme eye shadows were just roughly smudged on to give it a “lived in” look
  • So I’ve tried using Maybelline color tattoos in On and on Bronze and Immortal Charcoal – didn’t quite work!
  • I really can’t figure out how to get this wet/metallic look as opposed to just shimmery

Any thoughts? How would you approach this look? What products would you use? Please help me ^_^.



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13 responses to “I need your help with this Makeup look…

  1. I think a lot of it is due to the studio lights and/or flash that they used on set! I don’t think this sort of make-up would look the same in natural light.

    I’d say the key is to really keep it messy on the lid! In the outer corners it might even be eyeliner pencil that they brought up high and smudged, cuz it’s so patchy looking.

  2. agreed^ the studio lighting plus the editing and contrasting of the picture make it look much different than it would in just natural light

  3. Franzi

    Hey Niina!
    Super toller blog! Ich bin glaub ich irgendwie über deine fb Seite hergekommen…Ich finds total cool, wie du dich mit den verschiedenen looks auseinandersetzt und was du alles ausprobierst! Vielleicht sollte ich auch mal mehr ausprobieren, als einfach eine Farbe Lidschatten auftragen, fertig???!

    LIebe Grüße
    Franzi ( ehemaliger Französisch LK, soo ewig her. vielleicht erinnerst du dich noch…:-))

  4. Haibo

    I love Barry M’s powder stuff for a strong metallic (and it lasts forever, but is incredibly messy if spilled), applied with a damp (not wet!) brush, it looks amazing. I use it for my dancing 🙂 I have a strong bronze and white/gold shimmer you can play with if you’d like.

  5. Unfortunately I can’t help. It’s a beautiful look though- very elegant. Good luck with it. X

  6. Anna

    Probier es mal mit Gel-Eyeshadows… Artdeco hat welche, IsaDora neuerdings auch (Frage ist, ob du außerhalb Deutschlands rankommst… habe sie heute geswatcht und direkt an dich gedacht, weil sie extrem metallisch reflektierend waren) und Estee Lauder und MAC haben auch Gel-Eyeshadows im Sortiment. Finde deinen Blog übrigens wirklich toll, vor allem weil Make-Up in Kombination mit Nähen vorkommt! (Habe mein Abiballkleid und mein Debütantinnenkleid mit meiner Mutter zusammen genäht)
    Dicken lieben Gruß,

  7. Jen

    For the eyeliner, try a black liner, then patting a blue-gray shadow on top of it to get that multi-dimensional look. 🙂

  8. To me it looks more like a gunmetal color smudged over black, as well as black on the inner rim. Try UD Gunmetal 24/7 liner.

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