Beauty Bargain: Six Urban Decay eyeliners for £16!



Now I agree that 16 pounds isn’t exactly a bargain, but I had to share this find with you as it is such good value for money! I stumbled across the Urban Decay smoked eyeliner set at Debenhams yesterday. It was sold for 16 instead of 26 pounds. I couldn’t resist. It contains six 24/7 glide-on travel (but decent) size eyeliners. Individually, the full size eyeliners are sold for £14. Two of them (black and brown) are part of the permanent edition, the others are limited edition. They include a silvery grey, a deep purple, a bronze copper and a stunning teal. I can’t wait to experiment on some new makeup looks with these! I can’t say much more about them yet, but swatching them on my hand they glide on very smoothly and don’t seem to smudge easily.


The good news is, this set is sold for the same price at!

Are you tempted?



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