Quick nail polish review: Accessorize ‘Fudge’



According to Vogue, nude nails a trend for spring. I’ve always loved them so I thought I’d share my current favourite with you. This one is more of a taupe rather than a pink nude.

I featured this a while ago in my retail therapy video. I bought this in Superdrug for 4 pounds. I just love this colour so much! It’s chic, sophisticated, perfect for everyday and reminds me of Kate Middleton’s LK Bennett heels that I recently obsessed about. Also, I can tolerate a little bit of chipping much better with light nail polishes than dark colours.

The application and lasting power of this nail polish are both pretty good.



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2 responses to “Quick nail polish review: Accessorize ‘Fudge’

  1. I like their nail polishes 🙂

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