I did my grandmother’s make up!


A few weeks ago I visited my grandmother in Germany and she let me do her make up! I rummaged through her makeup collection, which included several gorgeous Dior and Lancome bronzers. She uses powder instead of foundation, but had run out of a good colour match. The Maxfactor powder she had been using had actually been discontinued, so I spent a long time in the drugstore looking for a suitable alternative. I can’t actually remember which one I got – either a Catrice or a Manhattan one I think. I must email her about it. I also got a her a new blush – the Maybelline Fit me blush for light skin.

I powdered her face and applied some subtle blush and bronzer, as well as the tiniest bit of concealing. For the eyes I thought long and hard (she suggested blue, but I told her neutral colours were now in fashion). I finally decided on Sidecar from the Naked palette, a bright gold.

Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Oma, Du siehst einfach fabelhaft aus!

PS. Can you guess her age? It was her 86th birthday not long ago. Stunned? Too right :).



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10 responses to “I did my grandmother’s make up!

  1. Wow – great job she looks amazing – what great genes you have!

  2. Pretty Little Beauty Blog

    This is such a beautiful and natural look. Great job!

  3. It’s so cute that you did your grandmother’s makeup!
    She looks amazing! If I look even half as gorgeous as she does when I’m her age, I’ll be a happy bunny 🙂

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