Therapy-proof makeup!


Also known as cry-proof makeup. I haven’t done a mental health related post in a while. Be warned – this is one of those (sort of)!

I guess most people don’t plan ahead if they are going to cry on any given day – unless it’s their wedding day, maybe. Or maybe if you’re someone who cries at the cinema.

However, if you go to therapy on a regular basis (say, once a week), you will learn to plan ahead in the morning when doing your makeup. It took me several years (!) to feel comfortable crying in front of a therapist, but since I got over that, it’s like the waterworks are turned on every time. For me I usually feel like a good session includes a good cry because it means we touched on something important. But that’s just me!

After this overly personal rambling, here are my tried and tested makeup tips for any days when tears are likely.


The waterproof-est mascara: Urban Decay Cannonball. Never once smudged on me.
Eyeshadow that doesn’t get patchy or worse – melts all around your eyes: Maybelline Color tattoo
To hide redness afterwards: apply a nude eye pencil on your waterline, e,g Rimmel scandaleyes in Nude.
If you want to wear eyeshadow, stick to neutral colours and use a primer underneath, such as Urban Decay’s primer potion. Avoid dark eyeliner.

Foundation and concealer:
Admittedly I don’t own anything waterproof or extra long lasting. I also don’t really use primers, but I am guessing they would help keep your makeup in place. I was given a sample of the Laura Mercier foundation primer and will give that one a try.
For foundation, I would say pick a colour very close to your own skin tone so you won’t get light and dark patches. Focus most product in the centre around your nose and sheer it out at the sides. Tears normally run down the sides of your face. Use a setting powder. Have concealer in your handbag to touch up around your nose afterwards, which you will probably have blown a few times.

Keep it natural and low maintenance. One of my favourites for that is the Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stain in Honey. OR go for a statement colour that gives you confidence, but put it in your handbag to apply AFTER the session.

Other useful things:
Sunglasses – if you want privacy afterwards
A Boots or Superdrug nearby – 9 times out of 10 I go straight there to browse, swatch and get out of the therapy mood
A diary or personal blog to write down the most important things that came out of the session – You would think that you will remember it all, but I am so grateful to be able go back and read over things months or years after.



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6 responses to “Therapy-proof makeup!

  1. Thank you for posting these tips! These are really thoughtful. Where emotions can spring up that can make it tough how to deal without a, literal, face saving way to carry on with the rest of the day.

    I’d add a couple, if that’s okay? If anyone is like me and prone to red face/red eyes, then eye drops to soothe soreness is good before re-applying make-up. If eye drops aren’t something that can be used, a facial spray like Caudalie Organic Grape Water or La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water I’ve found refreshing and calming. (It’s all down to you I found out how great La Roche Posay is at helping with rosacea. Thank you so much!)

  2. Pretty Little Beauty Blog

    I love these posts. This is really brilliant and can be used for any reason that you might cry while out and about (funeral, birthday, wedding etc.).

  3. Great post! I also use Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion and the waterproof 24/7 glide on eye liner is awesome too! Does a great job…I cry on a daily basis due to pregnancy hormones and lack of my medication during the pregnancy… and it totally stays put!

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